The Story of Thanoshome

About us 

Thanoshome offers the perfect range of products for your home and garden.

We are passionate about the products we create, and we know that our discerning customers are as well.

Quality, service, form, and function are all embodied by the Thanoshome brand. Products designed to capture the essence and maintain the balance of your personal home oasis, indoors and outdoors.

From quality furnishings to pest and nuisance control, we expect the best products for our homes. And as responsible consumers, we seek safer and more sustainable methods while still demanding effective results using elegant and stylish solutions.

All Thanoshome products are designed and made by skilled craftsmen using only the highest quality raw materials and modern processes, with 100% organic and eco-friendly materials where possible, both non-toxic and humane.

We understand the importance of quality products and exceptional customer service. So we streamlined our production process to offer more competitive pricing than any other retailer in America.

Shipping them directly from our USA-based distribution centers closest to you means much faster delivery times for your convenience. Everything you need at prices better than the big box stores.

Imaginative. Effective. Luxurious. Helping you to relax in style and comfort.

You demand the best. We are proud to deliver.

Welcome to your perfect Thanoshome.