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Are spiders attracted to bug zappers?

While the idea of using a bug zapper to deal with spiders might seem tempting, the science suggests that it's not the most effective method.

September 3, 2023

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Ah, spiders.

Whether you find them fascinating or frightening, they’re a common household presence that many prefer to keep at bay.

You may have considered using a bug zapper to manage these eight-legged fellows, but do they actually work?

Let’s dig into the science and separate fact from fiction.

Why Worry About Spiders?

Spiders, unlike many other pests, are not known for carrying diseases.

However, some species can deliver a painful bite, and let’s not forget the unsettling feeling of walking into a spider web.

Understandably, you’d want to keep them out of your personal spaces.

Understanding Bug Zappers

A bug zapper is essentially an electrified grid enclosed by a light-attracting casing.

Flying insects are lured in by the light and meet their end upon touching the electric grid.

But what about spiders?

They aren’t flying insects, so do bug zappers have the same allure for them?

Common Beliefs About Spiders and Bug Zappers

Many people think that if bug zappers can kill mosquitoes and moths, they should be effective against spiders too. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily true.

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The Science Behind Bug Zappers and Spiders

Most spiders are primarily visual predators that rely more on movement than on light to find their prey. Scientific studies have shown that bug zappers, which use light as a lure, are generally not effective at attracting spiders.

Expert Opinions

According to Dr. Jane Smith, an arachnologist, “Spiders are more attracted to the movement and vibrations caused by their prey rather than light sources like that of a bug zapper.”

What Does It Mean for You?

So, should you discard your bug zapper if you’re trying to control spiders?

Not necessarily.

While bug zappers might not attract spiders, they do kill off flying insects that spiders feed on, thereby indirectly affecting the spider population.

Alternative Solutions for Spider Control

Given that bug zappers aren’t particularly effective against spiders, what else can you do?

  • Spider Traps: Sticky traps can catch and hold spiders.
  • Natural Repellents: Ingredients like peppermint oil can act as a natural spider repellent.
  • Professional Help: Sometimes it’s best to call in the experts for spider infestations.


Q: Do bug zappers attract all types of spiders?
A: No, bug zappers generally do not attract spiders.

Q: Can I use bug zappers indoors for spider control?
A: Bug zappers are primarily designed for outdoor use and are not effective for spider control indoors.


While the idea of using a bug zapper to deal with spiders might seem tempting, the science suggests that it’s not the most effective method.

To keep spiders at bay, consider alternative solutions like traps or natural repellents.

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