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Are Guinea Pigs Disturbed By Electronic Mouse Traps?

A device such as a Thanos Electronic Rat Trap does a great job at getting rid of your rodent problem but you don't want your guinea pig to stray anywhere near it

May 18, 2022

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Having a rodent infestation in your home can be stressful.

These small animals are noisy, leave their droppings and urine all over the place and cause odors in the house.

Worst of all is the possibility of them causing infections.

There are different methods to get rid of the rodents in your house, but choosing the best approach depends on if you have pets.

Some of these pest control methods are risky and can harm your pets.

For example, the ultrasonic repellers cause discomfort to the guinea pigs, and the pets can also feed on the rat and mouse poison and die.

Due to this you may turn to electronic mouse traps but if you have guinea pigs, you may be worried about using them.

How to Use Electronic Mouse Traps If You Have Guinea Pigs

The electronic mouse trap could be the best method to keep your home rodent-free, but you are afraid to use it because they compromise the safety of the guinea pigs.

A device such as a Thanos Electronic Rat Trap does a great job at getting rid of your rodent problem but you don’t want your guinea pig to stray anywhere near it.

However, you can still use these traps if you take the following precautions.

Install a Guinea Pig Fence

To keep your guinea pigs from going near the trap, you can install a small fence.

The pets won’t be able to access the kitchen and other areas invaded by mice, so there will be no accidents from the electric traps.

Alternatively, you can lock the guinea pigs in their pet house when using the mousetrap.

Relocate the Mousetrap

Instead of closing your guinea pigs in their house, you can place the mousetrap in a hard-to-reach area for the pets.

For example, look for the small pathways between the walls or near their nests in the ceiling. You can also slide the trap under furniture or the cabinets.

Use Other Mouse Trap Alternatives

There are other ways to keep mice out of your house.

However, ensure that your trap choice does not harm the guinea pigs. Avoid using poison near your pets because they could sniff or eat it, causing fatal accidents like death.

Use Traps That Don’t Kill

If you must use mouse traps, look for those that don’t electrocute or kill the pests such as the Thanos Humane Mouse Trap.

This way, your guinea pigs will also not be electrocuted and killed.

For example, you can get a trap that stops the mice from moving because if your guinea pig gets trapped, you can rescue it.

Other Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Mice Without Hurting Your Guinea Pigs

Finding a mousetrap that is safe for your pets can be challenging.

However, you can alternatively control mice infestation in your home using natural methods that will not affect your pets.

Some of the best ways to try are;

Clean Your Yard

Mice are more attracted to areas where they can find an excellent shelter and hide from predators.

Therefore, keeping the backyard clean and with no hidden spaces will be uninviting to the rodents. Tidying up the area can also drive out the mice.

Some of the best ways to do so are by;

  • Trimming the low bushes and lowest plant branches to ensure no hiding space for the rodents.
  • Removing any dirt around the trees and also disposing of rotting leaves. Leaving the flower beds clean ensures no hiding places for the mice.
  • Removing any debris bins and outdoor wood piles where mice can hide. You should also seal all the holes in your compound to ensure the rats don’t have any entry points.

Remove Food Sources

Besides dirt, mice are also attracted to food remains.

To keep them away from your home, remove all the food sources.

Avoid maintaining bird feeders, and ensure you clean your pet’s bowls after feeding. You should also clean up all the waste in your yard and dispose of the fallen fruits from the garden before they start rotting and attracting mice.

Use a One-Time Rodent Eradication Method

If you just noticed a lot of mice in your yard, use a rodent bomb to eradicate them at once instead of luring them into a trap.

Put the bomb in the infested area and cover it with wood or a solid object. This prevents the smoke from escaping.

Keep your pets indoors to protect them from injuries when using this rodent control method.

You can remove them once the smoke bomb has finished its work. Alternatively, you can use dry ice to keep mice away. The ice releases carbon monoxide gas that deprives the rodents of oxygen, so they will hardly stay in your yard.

Use Scent as a Weapon for Mice

You can use specific scents to keep your guinea pigs safe from electric mice traps and ultrasonic pest repellers. These scents interfere with the rodent’s ability to locate the food and drive the mice away.

Some of the scents to use and keep your house safe from rodents are lavender and mint.

Plant these in your garden because they are the areas most affected by mice.

You can also spray non-toxic rat repellent, which has peppermint, and ensure it is more concentrated in the most frequented places by the mice.

Avoid Using Traditional Rat Poison

There is a variety of rat poison, and most of them can kill your pets, especially the guinea pigs.

Avoid putting poison near the guinea pigs’ house because they can be attracted to it and eat it.

Besides, the pets can also play with a poisoned rat.

Alternatively, use a pet-safe poison. The safety should be indicated on the poison label, and it should also be marketed as pet-friendly.

Also, consult with your veterinarian to ensure your guinea pigs are safe.